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New Dove Go Fresh Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture

11 Jun

I have always loved Dove body washes – I feel that they leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh.  I like all the scents but I usually  use the Green Cucumber wash – I love the scent and I even have the body spray and the deodorant too.  But a few weeks ago I was in my drug store and noticed new Dove body wash products.  When I popped the lid to smell them I instantly fell in love and “needed” to pick up on up! I decided to try GO Fresh Burst- it has a very citrus sweet candy orange type scent.  I have been using it for a few weeks and I love it! My skin doesn’t feel like it has a film residue on it, and it leaves my skin feeling clean and non greasy.  The scent makes your bathroom smell amazing – but it only left a very light scent on my skin that did not last long- perfect because it didn’t interfere with perfume or scented body lotions.  I do find the formula very runny and you have to be careful not to empty too much onto your puff or washing cloth – but it suds up nicely. All in all I will definitely try another scent – I am thinking Go Fresh Touch just because I am in love with Dove’s Cool Cucumber products. 

In conjunction with the body washes Dove has launched deodorants, body sprays and bar soaps in the same scents these additional products are probably located in your deodorant isle and bar soap area at your drugstore. 

The Products:

 Go Fresh Burst

A juicy burst of freshness with white ginger, sun-kissed nectarine and succulent passion fruit revives your skin and brightens your senses and an exotic blend of Indian jasmine, tamarind and fresh pineapple provides you with a sensation of luscious freshness.

Go Fresh Touch

A refreshingly light sensation with the crisp, clean fragrance of cucumber & green tea. An ultra-light hydrating formula.

Go Fresh Energize:


An ultra-light hydrating gel formula with fine beads to invigorate your skin with the exhilarating fragrance of grapefruit & lemongrass.

Go Fresh Revive

A gentle awakening for your mind and skin. The lively, quenching scent of pomegranate & lemon verbena.


The products with Nutrium Moisture are the new launches (in white bottles) the Go Fresh line has been around for a while in the Scents: Refresh – Water lily & fresh mint(blue bottle), Energize- grapefruit & lemon grass (yellow bottle) and Cool Moisture- Cucumber and green tea (green bottle).  I have used these body washes on and off over the last year or more and I really like them as well- they get your skin really clean and fresh.  I do notice that the new line with Nutrium Moisture does slightly leave your skin a bit more moisturized than the original line. 

Original Go Fresh Body Wash Line:


I hope that you enjoyed the post let me know if you have used any of the washes and what is your scent? For my fellow drug store junkies remember to check out your drugstore for coordinating Go Fresh items: deodorants, body mists, shampoo and conditioner.  If you do not have a full range of Dove products at your drugstore have a look on www.drugstore.com they ship internationally (but not to all countries yet)

Ashley Nicole 🙂