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Ashley Nicole Makeup New Home!

21 Oct

I am sorry I have not been updating this area- Ashley Nicole Makeup has a new home:


Please go there to see tons of makeup and beauty posts ūüôā

MAC in the Groove: Love to Love Neutral look

22 Jul

¬†fell in love with the softness of this neutral palette.¬† The three colours were soo different but so fitting for one another.¬† The contrast between the lightest and the darkest colour got my little makeup¬†look ideas¬†spinning ‚Äď I knew I had to have it!¬† I love putting two highly contrasting colours together in order to create a bold look. to continue reading on how to do look and to see more pictures click here!!

MAC:Rose & Star Violet Eyes: Purple/ Pink Look

21 Jul

MAC: STAR VIOLET & ROSE : Purple Pink Look

This is a great wearable purple eye that I have created using MAC Cosmetics featuring: Star Violet and Rose Pigment.  It is a great wearable look suitable for day and night.  It is a bit of a shimmery look so be prepared to sparkle if you try it out. click here to see photos and how to create the look

Mulch Neutral Brown Makeup Look

24 Jun

Mulch Neutral Brown Makeup Look

This is a great neutral eye for everyday sultry wear contine reading this post to see what I used to get this continue reading