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MAC to the Beach Looks from MAC Cosmetics.com

13 Jun


These looks are from the www.maccosmetics.com website and they are the promotional looks for the MAC to the Beacg launch that came out on May 27th.  There are still items left from this collection on line and at the MAC stores. Along with the limited colours many of the looks include products from the permanent line and they are available all year round.  Have fun trying the looks and remember that you can alwasy use your own colours to create them.



Eye detail :

For the cheeks: apply get away bronze

For the Lips: define the lip area with Tempature Rising and top with lipstick: Thrills.  For an added touch top with Flurry of Fun lip gloss


Sweet and Punchy Eye:

Cheeks: Apply Get away Bronze

Lips: Define lip area with Oak lip pencil and Beachbound lipstick.  Top with Easy lounger for added sparkle.


Sand and Sun Eye Detial:

Cheeks: Mac suggests to apply Beach Bronze Creme bronzer- but if you do not have that you can apply the “Golden” bronzer or Get away Bronze

Lips: Define lip area with Life’s a Breeze lip pencil, top with Lazy Day lipstick.  For added ship apply Easy Lounger lip gloss.



Firecracker eye detail:


Lips: Define the lip with tempature rising, then apply Thrills and Beachbound lipssticks.  Finish with a dab of slpashing for sparkle.



Rosemary & Thyme Eyes:

Cheeks: Colour cheeks with Get away Bronze and apply a bit of Marine Life highlight powder for added colour

Lips: Line lips with Subculture lip liner, apply beach bound lip stick and then top with Flurry of Fun gloss


Easy Lounger Eye Detail:

Cheeks: Colour cheeks with Get Away Bronze blush and highlight with Marine Lfe

Lips: Define lips with Life a Breeze lip pencil, apply Lazy Day lipstick and top with Easy Lounger lipglass


Temperature Rising Eye Detail:

Cheeks: Apply Get Away Bronze and then apply Marine Life for highlight and added colour.

Lips: Define with Temperature Rising Lip Pencil,  apply beachbound lipstick, top with Flurry of fun.

MAC Face and Body Foundation

13 Jun

I have been using MAC studio Fix Fluid liquid foundtion for years and I reall like it and the coverage it provides.  Lately I have noticed that the summer weather and my Studio Fix have been clashing. The heavier coverage and the intense sun light makes me look a bit overdone at times.  I decided to try MAC’s Face and Boday foundation to see if this coverage would mea good fit for me and my skin issues.  I got a sample and I wore it for a few days- everyone complimented me on my natural looking skin and asked me if I was even wearing any foundation!  All the positive feed back made me almost excited to go back to my MAC store to purchase my very own bottle – which I did and I adore the product- my new summer must have foundation!!!

How to apply:

The foundation is very light and watery. I suggest dropping the brushes and tools for this one and apply the foundation with your fingers. In my opinion to get the best results you have to apply area by area with your finger tips and you have to rub it in, with circular motions, until the founation becomes a bit tacky. When the foundation becomes tacky i find that it is at its peak for coverage.  The more you rub it into your skin the more coverage you get.  Work around your face applying region by region and rub it in good.  When you have applied to every area go back and apply a second coat to “problem” areas. The foundation makes your face look really shiney at first and you feel it on your face (doesnt feel weightless) after a few minutes the shine and the heavy feeling does go away.

 When you are complete I suggest setting the foundation with a mineral skin finish natural powder.  I find that MAC mineral powderswok well with my skin and do not leave me with an ashy talcy appearance- which can by amplified in direct sunlight. I then add a bronzer to the hallows of my checks, my temples and I blend any access around my hair line- I use Mineralized Skinfinish in comfort(limited and will be re launched in “MAC in the Groove Jult 8th. 

Does it last?:

For me the foundation wears pretty well much like MAC studio Fix and Select. I find that my look stays fresh all day  if I use a oil blot sheet mid day and then dust on a bit more mineral powder. 

Last Thoughts:

I have switched my summer foundation routine up to include MAC face and boday foundation becasue I really like the light natural look it gives in bright summer daylight.  It wears well and lasts just like my Studio Fix Fluid and it feel light on the skin.  The only thing that I am going to watch out for is breakouts – I havent been using it for long and I cannot really tell you how my skin has acted with repeated wear of this product over a period of time.  I will do a mini post in a month and let you guys know how it is going.   A lot of product comes in the bottle so I am figuring one bottle will last me the whole summer.  I suggets that if you do not have serious spots that you are trying to conceal that you get a sample of the foundation from your MAC store and it out. 

Let me know if you have use this foundation or if you picked it up! Tell me what you think.

Ashley Nicole

MAC to the Beach Cream Bronzer

10 Jun

I was very excited to try this new MAC product : Cream Bronzer.  It was in the To the Beach Collection with Launched May 27th.  I have had it for a few weeks now and I cannot figure out how to make it look good! I have tried it over liquid foundation, over powder, over cream (MAC Studio Tech) – and nothing seems to look good.  My best application that I got was over my Liquid foundation (MAC Studio Fix) with a light dusting of powder then a top up of the cream bronzer on the apples of my checks.  IT looked ok this way but then- it streaked as the day went on.  I am determined to get this product to work for me! I purchased to new MAC 130 brush to apply it, but I think that I will try the new MAC 131 brush next.   I know, from reading other sites, that girls are having trouble with this formula all over.  If I get it to work great I will get a tutorial posted with some pictures.  I am not giving up on this product yet!

MAC 130 Brush:

MAc 131 Brush:

 Let me know if you purchased this product, and tell me your thoughts, share any tips or tricks for application – would you purchase it again? Do you LOVE LOVE it? Or are you regretting the purchase?

MAC: Minerialize SkinFinish Natural

8 Jun

I have normal to oily skin- more on the oily side in the summer months though, as a result I have experimented with many different powder products over the past 10 or so years.  I have ranged from loose powders to pressed- talc free to who knows what.

I was introduced to MAC mineralize foundations about 3 or four years ago (time times get hazy the older you get).  I was at the store to try new things that day so I decided to take a cleansing cloth and remove my makeup and try on some mineral foundation.  The makeup artist and I swatched through a few liquid mineral shades until she found one she thought was great- I had my reservations- but I let her slather is and rub it into my face.  Let’s just say when I looked into the mirror I thought I looked like an umpa lumpa – ORANGE/RED!!!  I remember we tried two more shades and I still did not quite like the color, on top of it all it seemed to streak on my skin!  After that I decided that I didn’t like mineral makeup!…period!!…..until recently.

I was tired of my MAC blot powder that I had settled with for the last two years as my finishing powder over my liquid foundation and I wondered, as usual, into my MAC store to look for something new to try.  I was finding in the summer that the blot powder left a bit of a grey – talc- look on my sun kissed skin and I wanted something with rich pigment.  The makeup artist suggested  Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, at first I declined but then I came around to it after she told me she was wearing it.  Her skin looked beautiful, so I chose my color- Medium Deep- and took the plunge.  The next day I incorporated it into my makeup routine and LOVED it.  The finish was delicate and even, the powder looked so very natural and it was comfortable on my skin.  I was able to blend my non mineral blushes on it easily and my skin was glowing- but talc looking at all!  I have been using the Mineralize Skinifinish Natural for 4 months now and I have no complaints about it at all.  The summer has really started to kick in and the powder holds up with no streaking discolouring from oil or anything strange.  Mid day I usually use a oil blot paper and remove oils and swipe a new coat of the mineral powder on to look fresh for the afternoon.  The powder hasn’t made my skin or eyes itch and it hasn’t made me break out.  I give this product an unexpected thumbs up all around and at this point it is my all time favorite finishing powder!

I would recommend this MAC product to anyone who uses powder over their liquid or cream foundation.  It is a great finishing product – I would not suggest that you use this porduct as your only face coverage.

RATING:  10/10

Ease of Application: 10/10

Product life: Good Lasts a long time

Price Point: Good


My only con that I have with Mineralize Skin Finish powders is that they all do seem to lean into the orange range once you get into the darker shades.  But if you use it to dust on to finish your look you shouldn’t really even notice.

MAC: Dare to Wear

8 Jun


MAC Dare to Wear

U.S. Launch Date: July/August 2010

Dare to Wear Lipglass

  • Ban This! Deep purple with multi-pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Bold & Brash Bright red with multi-pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Dare to Dare Light blue pink with multi-pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Gimme That! Bright fuchsia pink with pink pearl (Limited Edition)
  • So Bad Mid-tone coral orange with pink and gold pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Wind Me Up Dirty bronze with pink and gold pearl (Limited Edition)


  • Aqua Subdued, pale greyed aqua (Matte) (Permanent, PRO)
  • Atlantic Blue Bright violet blue (Matte) (Permanent)
  • Crazy Cool Mid-tone lavender (Limited Edition)
  • Louder Please Bright fuchsia pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Sassy Grass Bright pale green (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Shock-a-holic Bright purple (Limited Edition)
  • Free to Be Bright true coral (Matte) (Permanent)
  • Going Bananas Soft lemon yellow (Frost) (Repromote)
  • Lime Lime green (Matte) (Permanent, PRO)
  • Sky Blue Sky blue (Frost) (Permanent, PRO)
  • Winkle Mid-tone cornflower blue (Satin) (Permanent)
  • Zingy Bright blue (Matte) (Limited Edition)

MAC Dare to Wear

MAC Dare to Wear

Dear Mac Lovers:

A Shocking Electric collection that is coming out at the end of the summer! How Exciting??!!

This collection looks fun an interesting, and quite bright.  I do not usually wear bright colours on a normal bases, but I still see products in the collection that I am excited to see and test.  For the lipglass I cant wait to test Bold and Brash and Wind me up.  For the eye shadows I am looking forward to testing out Aqua, Crazy Cool, Sassy Grass, and Winkle.  Thing about make up is there is no right and wrong- yes this collection is bright but you do not have to apply the colour heavily- Dont be afraid of colour- just figure out how to use it to make it work for you.  I will be playing with alot more of my colours and shortly I will start to post tutorials on how to use great colours and not look like a clown!!

Let me know what you are excited to pick up from this collection

Ashley Nicole

MAC In the Groove Collection

4 Jun


Launch Date: July 8th


  • Call My Bluff Mid-tone creamy coffee (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Jazzed Bright coral pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Creme de Nude Pale muted peach beige (Cremesheen) (Permanent)
  • I Like It Like That Deep Blue pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • All Styled Up Bright yellow pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Go For It Mid-tone blue purple (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)

Cremesheen Glass

  • On the Scene Light Coral beige (Limited Edition)
  • You’ve Got It Mid-tone silver grey (Limited Edition)
  • Going Casual Sheer lilac (Limited Edition)
  • Fashion Whim Light Beige (Limited Edition)
  • Right Image Mid-tone blue pink (Limited Edition)
  • Chillin’ Light white blue (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Eye Shadow (Trio)

  • Love to Love Satin beige/Pearly Bronze/Satin Brown (Limited Edition)
  • In the Groove Satin green/Pearly burgundy/Satin coral (Limited Edition)
  • Making It Easy Satin red brown/Pearly beige rose/Satin dark beige (Limited Edition)
  • Togetherness Satin lavender/Pearly purple/Satin grey (Limited Edition)
  • Style Influencer Satin silver/Pearly deep blue/Satin deep mauve brown (Limited Edition)
  • Soften the Mood Satin light brown/Pearly rose/Satin light blue (Limited Edition)
  • Fresh & Easy Satin pink/Pearly burgundy/Satin grey (Limited Edition)
  • Calm, Cool, & Collected Satin deep green/Pearly green/Satin beige (Limited Edition)
  • Blue My Mind Satin light blue/Pearly deep teal/Satin black (Limited Edition)

Powerpoint Eye Pencil

  • Stubborn Brown Deep Rich Brown (Permanent)
  • Permaplum Deep plum with pink shimmer (Permanent)
  • Navy Stain Royal blue with shimmer (Permanent)

Zoomlash Mascara

  • Zoomblack Rich Black (Permanent)

Mineralized Skinfinish

  • By Candlelight Golden pink (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Stereo Rose Coral with golden/bronze shimmering nuances (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Comfort Golden bronze (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Petticoat Pale rose with gold and amber veining (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Mineralize Blush (Duo)

  • Happy Together Satin caramel/Pearly beige (Limited Edition)
  • A Little Bit of Sunshine Satin light brown/Pearly beige (Limited Edition)
  • Hang Loose Satin bright pink/Pearly lavender (Limited Edition)
  • Band of Roses Satin blue pink/Pearly light plum (Limited Edition)
  • New Vibe Satin deep rose/Pearly bronze (Limited Edition)


Images of the Collection:

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC All Styled Up Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Call My Bluff Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Creme d’Nude Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Go For It Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC I Like It Like That Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Jazzed Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Cremesheen Glass: Chillin’, Fashion Whim, Going Casual, On the Scene, Right Image, You’ve Got It

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Blue My Mind Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Calm, Cool, & Collected Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Fresh & Easy Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC In the Groove Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Love to Love Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Making It Easy Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Soften the Mood Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Style Influencer Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Togetherness Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC A Little Bit of Sunshine Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Band of Roses Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Hang Loose Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC Happy Together Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC New Vibe Mineralize Blush

My Thoughts:

I am very excited about this upcoming collection.  The mineralized skin finishes are all re promotes and I am looking forward to picking up Stereo Rose (I love comfort (MSF)- but it was launched in the Warm and Cozy collection earlier this year and I still have plenty)  I am in love with all the Cremesheen Glasses – I am not sure about Chillin’ this colour might be a bit too out of the box as it has grey undertones that I am not sure about.  I love all of the lipsticks- I am interested to see how the finish is on ” MAC Go for It” it is is sheer enough I think it could make for an interesting lip.  The Blushes are fantastic- i really do enjoy mineralized blushes as they leave a beautiful glowy dewy look on the cheek.  I am looking forward to trying them out, I have my eye on “A little bit of sunshine” “Happy Together” and “New Vibe”.  Of course I will have to wait to swatch them to know for sure but those seem like the winners for my skin tone. I have mixed feelings about mineralized eyeshadows – they are beautiful and I have a lot of them but I do not tend to grab for them as much.  I think this month (June) I will try and use them more so that I can get a better feel for them.  I find that I cannot put them anywhere around my bottom lashes as they make my eyes a bit irritated.  But in saying that everytime I do create a look with mineralized shadows they last all day and I get many complements. I the mineral finish very beautiful and they blend nicely as well.  So all in all I cannot wait until July 8th to pick up the collection 🙂   Feel free to leave comments on what you think, and what you will be picking up.