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MTV Movie Awards Fashion and Makeup Reviews

11 Jun

This post is just my opinion about some of the looks the ladies were wearing at the MTV Music Awards 2010.  I have added some suggestions on how to obtain some of these looks.  Obviously they are just suggestions and you can use others.  I hope that you enjoy this post and maybe try some of the looks out yourself. 


Kristen Stewart:

She has a beautiful soft smokey look full of sublte corals and grey – perfect for a day to night look.  To me I feel like she could do an ad for MAC Pret A Papier line (see photos of the line below)  I am not sure if you can stil purchase this line buy MAC always has colours that are really close to limited launches.  I would suggest an swiping a light grey all over the lid – such as MAC’s Copperplate or MAC Gazette Grey (limited).  I would then blend MAC Bronze or Cut to Fit (limitied) into the crease and work onto the brow bone to add dimension.  I would also apply a thin line of bronze under the lower lash line.  Use a nude satin cream base or shadow under the eye brows- nothing shimmery.  Line the upper lids with a gel liner such as MAC black track and lightly smudge a black or very dark brown pencil liner on the bottom water line if you want added definition.  Apply a bronzer to your cheeks and then layer it with a peachy blush like Instant Chic (limited).  Her blush/bronzer is very heavy so you can build to your comfort.  Make sure you carry your bronzer around and up to your temples lightly so that it softens the look and makes it look a bit more natural and blended.  Next apply a slight coral lipstick such as MAC – Made to Order, Dressmaker, Dressmaker or Kraft.  Apply a bit of gloss to the center of  your lips and blend. – and there you have it!!

Pret A Papier promo photo: (see how similar?)

Katy Perry:

Ok I am not sure about this- it is a huge statement look obviously.  But I think the bright blue are is actually grabbing all the attention and I actually think that her makeup is quite edgy and pretty.  She has an intense winged eye – create this with patience and MAC black track and a precise makeup brush. The lids are quite nuetral with a silver or white liner  that traces right above the black liner  to make it stand out.  The crease is slighting defined with a greyish brown- try MAC wedge.  The eyebrows are heavily filled in and extended.  Apply a soft pink to the cheeks- if you are darker you can apply more of a soft dusty rose color and pink/nude lip gloss and there you have it.  You can add a blue wig if you like for fun!  I think the major trick with this look is the intense sharp eyes – it takes alot of practice but it can be done. 

What do you think of this look? do you think she is trying to chanel Gaga and stand out by being outrageous other then talent alone?

(LOL had to throw this in)

Scarlett Johansson

She has kept it very simple with black liner, smokey gery shadows and lots of volume with the lashes- obviously falsey is involved.  She has keps the lips a mauve nude and a soft pink check.  I think she is beautiful in anything. It is hard to add too much colour to the face with a bold jewel tone dress – I think that she did (or her stylist) did a great job on this one.  I do think that her hair looks a bit frizzy… 

Jessica Biel:

Not sure about  this look at all! – is this a hit or miss?? I am going for a big MISS- just feel it is too much sparkle, feathers, polka dots, bows! dizzy

Lindsay Lohan

Again another look I am not 100% about.  I feel the eyes are too heavey with no dimenson – I have always like a dark eye but I have felt that most people should bend a bit of colour onto the crease to soften the black rim.  Her lips are a soft nude/pink which is perfect for such a heavy eye. 

And what do you think about a sparkly body suit?:

Christina Aguilera:


Christina doing her edgy glamours thing… I think that she has this look down perfectly. The amazing red lips that she pulls of soo well!! To get this look you should apply a softs to the eye lids with a shimmery brow high lighter -remember to keep brows lighter than lashes.   Apply black liner and long wispy lashes.  she has alot of great simmer and highlighter on her checks.  Try something that is very close to your skin tone so that it doesnt fight with the lips.  Finish the lok of with a creamy red lip stick such as MAC red.   

Paris Hilton:

Heavy black eyes with long lashes seem to be the staple at this event!!

Not to sure about the dress – I am not a fan of feathers though so this could be a bias opinion.

Whitney Port:

I love Whitney I think she is cute and I love that she is a professional woman chasing her dreams! It could be just this picture but I feel that there is too much “weight” on the outer corners of her eyes and I think that the eye lashes might by just a bit too heavy for the look.  You always have to remember to to balance proportions with your makeup and look at it from a distance as well as close up when you have finished your look.  I think that a smudge of brown/black or grey in on the lower outer lash line would have helped polish it off.  But beautiful hair and beautiful dress!! I wonder if it is Whitney Eve?

I love her look!!  one of my personal best dressed pics for the awards

Audrina Patridge

I have always thought that Audrina’s makeup is beautiful.  She is playing up her light eyes with black liner  on the upper and lower lid.  Lid colours are neutral and she has complete the look with lots of sunny bronzer and nude lips.

Not to sure about the dress with the shoes- I think both are cute and edgy but not together.

Stephanie Pratt

I actually really love Stephanie’s makeup it is very fresh and perfect for the summer! I think that I will actually try this look for the weekend.  Taken a very bright gold and apply it all over the lids and along the loger lash line try MAC goldmine or any bright metalic gold.  Lightly blend a soft brown into the crease on up the brow bone to give dimension – try MAC soft brown.  Line the upper lid with a gel liner MAC black track – keep the line thin in the inner corner of the eye and gradually make it thicker as you get to the outter edge.  Line the lower lashline with black and then apply full wispy lashes.  Apply a peachy or pinky blush and light peachy/ pinky lip gloss. 

Lo Bosworth

I am not a fan of heavy lids with bare bottom lashes – I also feel that some bronzer or a more noticable blush should have been used.  I feel the look is lacking a bit of freshness.

Kristina Graham

Neon Orange Lips? I hope that this doesnt catch on. I an not a fan of this look at all. I think that her eyes were done very nicley- a beautiful smokey brown eye with black liner.  Her eyebrows are a bit too heavy and define+extended.  What do you think? am I being too harsh??

I think there is a difference between being an individual and just looking a hot mess!!!

I hope that you enjoyed my little makeup / small fashion review of some of the celebs that walked the red carpet at the MTV Music Awards 2010.  Feel free to tell me what you think about the girls I have highlighted.  Let me know who your fav / worst dress makeuped was 🙂  Or send me a link with your own review on some of the stars