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AshleyNicole.Makeup TOP HOT Picks: July 2010

29 Jun

Top Hot Picks is my monthly post of my products and makeup I am loving for the month and I reccomend for you to try out if you have some extra cash and you want to pick up a new beauty treat. Continue reading

My Top 10 Summer Makeup Looks

23 Jun

 want to share with you some makeup looks that I think are great for wearing in the Summer.. I hope that you enjoy- and if you try any please let me know or send me a link! click here to continue reading

MAC to the Beach Cream Bronzer

10 Jun

I was very excited to try this new MAC product : Cream Bronzer.  It was in the To the Beach Collection with Launched May 27th.  I have had it for a few weeks now and I cannot figure out how to make it look good! I have tried it over liquid foundation, over powder, over cream (MAC Studio Tech) – and nothing seems to look good.  My best application that I got was over my Liquid foundation (MAC Studio Fix) with a light dusting of powder then a top up of the cream bronzer on the apples of my checks.  IT looked ok this way but then- it streaked as the day went on.  I am determined to get this product to work for me! I purchased to new MAC 130 brush to apply it, but I think that I will try the new MAC 131 brush next.   I know, from reading other sites, that girls are having trouble with this formula all over.  If I get it to work great I will get a tutorial posted with some pictures.  I am not giving up on this product yet!

MAC 130 Brush:

MAc 131 Brush:

 Let me know if you purchased this product, and tell me your thoughts, share any tips or tricks for application – would you purchase it again? Do you LOVE LOVE it? Or are you regretting the purchase?