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Aloe Fresh Hydrating body lotion with aloe and cucumber extracts

9 Jun


Replenishes skin with a sheer burst of hydration.  Fast absorbing and non-sticky moisture leaves skin feeling cool and healthy.


Great product for summer weather for normal skin to slightly dry skin.  I like this product for myself because it did not melt away in the sun, and it left my skin feeling moisturized and left a nice fresh light scent that last for a few hours.  It did not feel sticky at all, I didn’t have to wait for it to dry before putting on pants or leggings on – you know what I mean if you have done this before. 

 I would not suggest this product for the harsher months or if you have dry skin, or if you are using a medication that is causing dry skin.  It is a good skin quench top up but it by no means an effective skin healing moisturizer.  I find that drench it all over my skin but I have to apply a second helping to elbows and knees as it is just so light. 


Overall rating 8/10 just because it is not a good year round lotion

Scent:  8/10- nice clean fresh scent lasts for a few hours

Re purchase: in the summer months only

Price: is great!


Does not solve any dry skin issues

Elbows and knees need to have a second application.

To purchase visit your local drug store or click here to buy it from drugstore.com