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Ashley Nicole Makeup New Home!

21 Oct

I am sorry I have not been updating this area- Ashley Nicole Makeup has a new home:

Please go there to see tons of makeup and beauty posts 🙂

Glam Makeup Vanity

14 Oct

If you are a makeup lover and glam chic you may want to check out this hott makeup vanity supply house! You can create the look of a celebrity glam makeup room at your own place! 


My Makeup Super Hero: Blot Film!

23 Jul

The Summer is a great month for beach, bright blue eyeshadow, flip flops, surfing, bronzer galore and “makeup mudslide“! My face is not overly oily …but… in the summer my oil glands seem to get loose and wild and have a party…at my skin’s and makeup’s expense.  click here to read more

Post 2 of 3: Fav Summer Scent: Coconut

23 Jun

Coconuts remind me of the tropical summer!! I guess it is a scent that for most people is associated with summer as well. The scent makes appearances in sun tan lotions, oils, and anything “tropical” inspired. continue reading


Loreal Professional: Absolut Repair

17 Jun

Healthy, glossy, bouncy hair is the goal for most gals (and some guys) it is often hard to achieve then you  blow dry every day, lift dark hair to light hair, highlight, perm, relax, curl, and the list goes on and on!  All these things that we do in the name of beauty and INSTYLE actually can cause your hair to become the out thing – dull, limp, frizzy or all of the above!  continue reading

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

17 Jun

New Post @ :Lush Mask of Magnaminty

I am not a typical: I love everything Lush type of girl.  I tried to love it but I found that alot of the products were either – too messy, didnt keep well or just smelled a bit crazy.  So for me to reccomend a Lush product means that in my opinion it actually does something, or smells amazing and it will not take you 20mins to enjoy and 30mins scrubbing micro glitters out of your tub (i.e. some of those damn bath bombs!!)  These are probably about 10 lush products that I really enjoy and today I am going to talk about one of them: Mask of Magnaminty!! click here to read more

Philosophy Pineapple Coconut Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

16 Jun

Almost every girl has those “special” body washes that she uses once in a while as a treat, or for special days! I have quite a few “special” ones and one of my favorite ones for the summer is : Philosophy Pineapple Coconut! It just reminds me of pinacoladas and the summer experience… continue reading click here

Scents of Summer Series 1 of 3 : Escada Marine Groove

15 Jun

With the first day of summer soon approaching (Summer Solstice: June 20/ 21) I feel it is only fitting to share with you a series of posts featuring my favorite summer scents.  I  hope that you enjoy the mini series and please do leave a comment and let me know what your favs are for the summer are or if you are going to try any of mine.

Escada: Marine Groove… continue reading about Escada Marine Groove click here

Neutrogena face wash for Acne Prone skin:

15 Jun

New Post on Neutrogena Face wash reviews for acne prone skin.

I have used Neutrogena products for years- especially their acne product line.  I do not have uncontrollable acne, I get a few irritations and congested pores here and there.  I find that the Neutrogena acne line is enough to help my fit any minor flare in my skin and most products leave me with a deep clean feeling.  Since I have been using the line for years, with experiments with other products in dotted throughout, I want to share with you guys my all  time favorites, and my not so hot acne products. Continue reading…


NEW Blog Spot:

14 Jun

Hey Makeup and Beauty Lovers

WordPress hosting has been a great experience but I have grown out of it a bit and I have decided to host my blog at:

please redirect yourself there to find the lastest blogs about makeup and all things beauty

Ashley Nicole