The Body shop: Body, Room & Linen Spray

12 Jun

One of my new favorite products is Body Shop’s Body, Room and Linen Spray!  There are seven scents to chose from (shown below) and they all smell really good.  My favorite scent is Mandarin &Tangelo- a orangey citrus blend.  I would call this product a high end body spray (splash).  I have been using the Dove body sprays lately to add a fresh spritz mid day – but I think that I will be shelfing them for a bit to use my Body Shop Spray.  You get 100ml (3.3 US FL OZ) in the bottle – it is a glass bottle which makes it a bag weight, but it the quality of the scent is worth the extra lugging.  I am calling it a high end body spray because of the quality of the scent and the fact that it doesnt have any strange smelling after smell- like cheaper drugstore sprays.  The I have tested three scents (on different patches of skin) and they all seem to settle nicely and they leave your skin smelling naturally sweet.  The scent is not very strong and can be worn with your perfume.  It is a good thing to have to freshen up your scent mid day without smelling like you have compounded tons of perfume on.  I have been wearing it for a few days now and I would estimate that the scent lasts about 4-6 hours (in the summer hot climate) it will probably last even longer in the winter when you don’t sweat at all.   The spray is also made to spritz on your clothing and on your bed sheets – I havent done this but you can- the liquid is clear so there shouldnt be any problems with staining – but I would keep the spray off delicate fabrics such as silks and becareful of whites. This product is one of the nicest body sprays I I have ever had – I wil be returning to the Body shop to purchase a few more scents. 

 Avaliable Scents:

Aloe and Soft Linen

Mandarin & Tangelo

Green Tea & Lemon

Sandalwood & Ginger

Jasmine & White Frangipani

Vanilla & Tonka Bean

Pomegranate & Raspberry


One Response to “The Body shop: Body, Room & Linen Spray”

  1. golam tom July 15, 2014 at 10:43 am #

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