Review: Tend Skin Liquid

9 Jun

What is it? Tend skin is a alcohol based solution that is used to help get rid of razor bumps, ingrown hairs etc.  It can be used by both men and women for most normal areas that you shave, wax, have electrolysis (not 100% sure if you should use it after you used a hair removal cream such as Nair.)  It is safe to use on the bread area, neck, back, legs, bikini line, underarm, arms, chest, stomach, head – most areas that are not sensitive.  Do not use on sun damaged, broken skin. 

Cautions on the bottle say if you are allergic to Aspirin do not use the product.


I purchased this product a month and a half ago and I absolutely do not know why I didn’t know about it before!  My spa therapist suggested to me after I was complaining about my nasty annoying ingrown on my legs.  I had told her I had tried other “bump” creams and I even only use my razors once then throw away- with no luck of ridding my legs of the irritation.  She suggested Tend Skin Liquid (which I almost forgot to purchase before I left).  That night I shaved my legs and applied the liquid.  I will not lie- it did sting after I shaved to apply this stuff, and you can smell the alcohol from a mile away, but the sting and smell wore off very quickly.  The next morning, to my amazement, my skin was soft and smooth!  The directions say to apply twice a day, until the irritation is gone – so  I applied more and was sooo happy that I put on a skirt and went to work…..mistake!!!  Once I had gotten out of my car and gotten into work I noticed that my legs were ashy looking!! White residue everywhere! – I learned my lesson!! My solution: Apply only at night and in the morning I moisturize with a light lotion – I am loving Vaseline Aloe Fresh lotion right now for the summer (Non greasy formula).

 Overall: Thumbs up- the product did its claim and rid my of razor bumps and ingrown hairs just in time for the summer J

 Rating: 9/10

 Price: 17.00 – 50.00 (there is a super size!)

 Cons: Stings when you put it on and it leaves a white ashy residue on your legs

 Re purchase : 100% I will not go without having this among my products ever !

Click Here to purchase Tend Skin Liquid at


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